Bodhin's guided meditations: SET1, payment

Solterreno retreat center

Bodhin's guided meditations: SET1Here you can buy Bodhin's guided meditations, Set 1 10€ 

Bodhin's guided meditations: SET1 MP3's

Body scan30 min15M
Awareness of Body and Breath30 min14M
Turning towards the difficult20 min9M
Choicless Awareness30 min15M
Kindly Awareness25 min12M
Awareness of Breath, Body, Sounds and Thoughts20 min19M
Awareness of Breath, Body and Emotions16 min16M
Short 3 step breathing space03 min2M
3SBS dealing with dificulties04 min5M

Here is a example:
3 Step breathing space, by Bodhin

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