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Everything about Solterreno was conducive to having both a meaningful and life changing experience.  From the workshops, guided meditations, food and hospitality, Bodhin (his wife and team) as well as the stunning landscape, it was all pitched so perfectly for me.

When I initially booked, it did concern me that I might not manage six full days given my limited experience of retreats, yoga and mediation. However, the 6 day mindfulness course was well balanced and suitable for anyone who had minimally or extensively practiced yoga/meditation. In fact, the wonderful people who were part of my group really reflected this. What we collectively encountered was very special and something I will never forget.

I really value what I have learned where I’ve taken away so much and started to apply it to my daily life. I came to Solterreno with a lot of negative thought patterns, feeling very unfulfilled and trapped in a static life.  My perception now of both myself and the world around me is so positively different thanks to developing Mindfulness. This retreat was a very powerful experience so much so that I hope to someday return to Solterreno -                          

Sarah C, January 2014.

solterreno mindfulness retreat
"The program was really well balanced, enough workshop material, explaining, satisfying the rational understanding, and enough meditation and yoga. Also the time off in between worked for me, to get my own balance and enjoy the group. Really nice to have walks in the program. There was enough space for individual questions and enough individual attention. Also when I asked for more guidance during the meditations it was taken into consideration. Very safe environment felt very comfortable and could be myself. Thanks for this lovely week!"solterreno mindfulness retreat
"Just what I needed at this time. I went to understand mindfulness exercises and practices and start a habit of daily meditation but I've been given so much more. I feel I now know myself a lot better than what I did before the retreat. I feel I've become more aware of bodily sensations, feelings and emotions. I now have a larger toolbox of both exercises and more knowledge insights of myself that I'm looking forward to use in my everyday life. As I've said to friends, the week of mindfulness with you guys is the most meaningful and life-changing experience I've had. I very much appreciate how every one of you made it so amazing!"solterreno mindfulness retreat
"Brought me back to myself which was not easy but was very good. I have slowed down, become more centered and patient. The mindfulness meditations were really helpful. I enjoyed the instructions and I really appreciated the teaching and the group. This is the second time I did the course but I got so much more from it than before. Thank you very much and thanks to the others in the group who have really been wonderful companions on the journey."solterreno mindfulness retreat
"You have given me the belief and structure to live my life properly. I shall be extremely grateful to the day I die! Things will change, Thanks to everyone at Solterreno."solterreno mindfulness retreat

"I had no expectations of what I would get from the course, mainly because I didn't want to be dissapointed and I didn't want to build my hopes up or worry about what I might find when I got here. I immediatly felt comfortable and relaxed with the other people on the retreat and it was such a relief to be around other people that felt the same as I did and faced the same problems.

Everything about Mindfulness I already knew, but I had no idea how to put it into practice successfully. The way Bodhin taught the course and allowed me and the rest of the group to express our feelings openly was a revelation to me. The Yoga and meditation sessions were wonderful. I leave Solterreno with a new found sence of optimism to be able to improve my life. I take away many tools and ideas with me, but also what I hope to be lifelong friends. I leave here a different person."

solterreno mindfulness retreat





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